Don’t get distracted with tedious payroll management. Focus on your business by employing ICOUNT FINANCIAL ADVISORY for your payroll outsourcing services in India with advanced software.

Enhance Your Payroll Systems

Financing, operations and other business processes aside, human resources (HR) tends to be a critical yet delicate aspect of any firm, be it a startup, small, medium or large company.

Yet, albeit crucial for a smooth HR practices in a company, payroll management can often distract or hamper your focus from key tasks and functions of decision making and running or expanding your business.

At ICOUNT FINANCIAL ADVISORY, we step in to provide expert consultation and payroll services in India to all types of businesses. Our team ensures compliance with the ever-changing regulatory requirements

For a company in India, payroll process can become time consuming and distracting. By outsourcing your payroll services to us, you will be relieved of the stress of running numbers of your whole staff and rather focus on your key roles and functions.

Our team of payroll specialists that are well-trained and equipped to process even the most complex payroll account with our advanced payroll software.

Also, our services ensure that government remittances such as CPF are paid on time and tax filing requirements are adhered to, even while keeping payroll information confidential offsite.

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ICOUNT FINANCIAL ADVISORY provided us a perfect service and guided us on accounting. They are very active and very responsive on their task.

Time-bound results

We are committed to giving results to our clients within the stipulated time frame.


We have extreme transparency in our work and we keep you updated with every single reform made.

Retain Trust

Your trust is our fundamental asset. Account books continues the endeavour to retain the trust and faith of our clients by putting our best effort possible.

Expert attention

We have a team of highly qualified and professional experts who are always at your service of providing every possible assistance to your concerns.

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